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We don't have any cream-colored seahorses or whiskers on catfish, but we do have a few other wonderful things. Enjoy these samples of our work.

Our World Ocean: Understanding the Most Important Ecosystem on Earth, by Sean Chamberlin.

Publication Date: World Ocean Day 2022.

Chapter 1: The World Ocean System (PDF)

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Seven spheres of different colors and textures with Earth in the middle, the anthroposphere

Illustration of Earth's seven spheres, Chapter 1, Our World Ocean. (Non-commercial use only. Please attribute Blue Planet Publishing.)

Clockwise from top left.

  1. heliosphere
  2. atmosphere
  3. cryosphere
  4. hydrosphere
  5. biosphere
  6. lithosphere
  7. anthroposphere (center)

Concept by Sean Chamberlin

Illustration by Fiona Martin, visualizingscience.com

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Earth's Seven Spheres by W. Sean Chamberlin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

The four subdisciplines of oceanography: geology, chemistry, physics, and biology
The four subdisciplines of oceanography
Diving chamber with giant squid knocking
A modern diving bell
Cartoon of atmospheric diving suit
An atmospheric diving suit

Just a few of the colorful and wacky illustrations by artist Nicki Shaw for Our World Ocean by Sean Chamberlin.

Check out some of her other work at one of the links below:

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