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Appendix C—Abbreviations for Ocean Currents*

AG Alaska Gyre

BG Beaufort Gyre

BENC Benguela Current

BC Brazil Current

CACS California Current System

CANC Canary Current

CSEC Central South Equatorial Current

EAUC East Australian Current

EUC Equatorial Undercurrent

GUST Gulf Stream

HUMC Humboldt Current

KURO Kuroshio Current

LEEC Leeuwin Current

MC Malvinas Current

MINC Mindanao Current

NAC North Atlantic Current

NAG North Atlantic Gyre

NECC North Equatorial Countercurrent

NEC North Equatorial Current

NPC North Pacific Current

NPG North Pacific Gyre

NSEC North South Equatorial Current

OYAC Oyashio Current

PECH Peru–Chile Current

RG Ross Gyre

SAC South Atlantic Current

SAC South Atlantic Gyre

SECC South Equatorial Countercurrent

SEC South Equatorial Current

SIC South Indian Current

SIG South Indian Gyre

SPC South Pacific Current

SPG South Pacific Gyre

WG Weddell Gyre

WAUC West Australian Current

WSAG WSAG Western Subarctic Gyre

*Based (mostly) on Talley et al. 2011.