A California company with friends around the globe.

Colorful, creature-filled, art cover of Our World Ocean

Appendix A—Common Abbreviations

  • 4K 4,000 pixels
  • 8K 8,000 pixels
  • 16K 16,000 pixels
  • AI artificial intelligence
  • AU astronomical unit
  • BCE Before Common Era
  • CC Creative Commons
  • e.g. for example (exempli gratia in Latin)
  • et al. and others (et alia in Latin)
  • HD high definition
  • HMS His or Her Majesty’s Ship
  • i.e. that is (id est in Latin)
  • ROSL roll on seafloor laughing 
  • R/V or RV research vessel
  • SI International System of Units
  • SUV sport utility vehicle
  • TV television
  • UC University of California
  • UN United Nations
  • US United States
  • USS United States Ship