A California company with friends around the globe.

Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability and Social Responsibility

In accordance with the Sustainable Marketer Manifesto, we pledge to commit to the following (modified from https://www.canmarketingsavetheplanet.com/manifesto)

  • We commit to using marketing skills as a force for good… acting responsibly with full transparency and honesty when it comes to messaging, communication, and creative. Our role is to communicate with clarity the truth of a brand or organization, including ours. We  reject any marketing content, tools, or strategies which could be misconstrued as misleading (e.g., greenwashing, bluewashing, purpose-washing, or mislabelling) and which doesn’t align with the principles of transparency and honesty.

  • We commit to the continuous education of ourselves and others about the climate crisis, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility. We strive to use these critical areas as a lens through which to operate our business. Our responsibility is to educate ourselves and those we work with; to commit to continually staying curious and alert; to create meaningful and innovative solutions that  meet the needs of stakeholders without compromising these principles; and to continually show respect towards all of the planet’s inhabitants.

  • We recognize that environmental sustainability and social responsibility take time. It’s about progress, not perfection. Nevertheless, we commit to working across all aspects of our business and the businesses we work with to support, address, and courageously call out and challenge any areas where more progress is needed. Our responsibility is to educate others so that collectively we can create meaningful and innovative solutions and shared knowledge to meet the needs of stakeholders while wholly respecting the planet.