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About Us

Blue Planet Publishing represents a collection of scientists, writers, illustrators, and educators dedicated to inspiring public understanding of our world ocean.

We’re a symbiosis of creative intentions.

With a focus on education and the blue economy, we celebrate the ambitions of people advocating for the sustainable and ethical use of the ocean for human good. 

Borne of our collective passions for our blue planet, we aim to…

  1. Publish free science-based books and educational materials for students, educators, and the public
  2. Provide science-informed content marketing for blue (ocean-based) businesses 
  3. Contribute content and other resources that help people live more sustainable lives and improve their caretaking of our blue planet

Our mission is guided by the knowledge, skills, and experience of our CEO/CCO, W. Sean Chamberlin, PhD. A scientist, writer, educator and ocean scientist, he has spent his entire life near, upon, or beneath the ocean. (Seriously…his mom took him to the beach when he was just two weeks old and he’s loved it ever since.)

Our work is also supported by a team of masterful freelancers–almost all of whom are people underrepresented in science (women, BIPOC, LGBTQIA). These experts edit, illustrate, design, and guest-write for our publications. Their experiences permit a broader and more diverse perspective for communicating knowledge and purpose in our actions towards the ocean.

We live in a world where scientific knowledge means the difference between life and death for large swaths of the human population. At the same time, our actions threaten to unravel the very ecosystems upon which we depend.

By transforming the hearts and minds of our planet‘s human inhabitants, we can help create a more sustainable place to live.

We hope you’ll find something useful here. Please let us know when you do. And if there’s anything we can do to support your mission, give us a holler. 

Blue Planet Publishing: Educating Minds and Inspiring Action for Our Blue Planet.

Meet Our Contributors

Sean Chamberlin, CEO/CCO

(About Professor Sean)

CEO Sean on cliffs at Crystal Cove State Beach in California

Nicole Shaw, Freelance Cartoonist

The Doodles

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Martha Rich, Artist

Cargo Collective

A green and blue eye by Martha Rich

Denise Logsdon, Editor

Denise Logsdon Editing

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The Artful Editor, Editing and Proofreading

The Artful Editor

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Nick Saporito

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